A different experience of iron supplement

A different experience of iron supplement

A Different Experience of Iron Supplement

Traditional iron supplements are only absorbed into the body to a limited extent, which means they have limited effect. The sucroliposomal iron formula differs from other iron supplement to such an extent that the absorption of nutrients into the body is much higher. In addition to that, the method preserves the active ingredient intact.


FERROLI® promises products of the highest bioavailability and quality. For this reason, e.g. the lecithin for our sucroliposomes comes from sunflower instead of soy. Our products are lactose, soy and gluten free.


Sucroliposomal technology:

Sucroliposomes are lipid vesicles made of phospholipids (in our case derived from sunflowers) And Sucrose ester strung together, which form a double membrane. Supplements can be encapsulated in sucroliposomal carrier and through this be protected against the harsh environment of the GI tract i.e., digestive enzymes and to some extent even from gastric acid.

Theoretically, sucroliposomes can also fuse with cell membranes as the structure from a phospholipid double membrane is identical to those of our main building blocks. This fact makes the absorption of the phospholipid membranes and their uptake in the body a priority. Due to this deception, sucroliposomes easily reach their destination via the digestive tract. Active ingredients are transported directly into the bloodstream. We call sucroliposomes our “trojan horse” of drug delivery.

Sucroliposome unique features:

⦁ Superior transport
In their usual forms-including tablets, Syrup or regular powder capsules-many vitamins and minerals in supplements are poorly absorbed by the body. This because they are broken down during transport in the body before they reach their destination. Sucroliposomes are molecules with an outer shell consisting of healthy lipids. A sucroliposome can be filled with all kinds of vitamins and minerals. The sucroliposome globule is absorbed into the bloodstream by the small intestine, with the active substance remaining fully intact.
⦁ Liposomal protection
The outer layer of the sucroliposome protects the contents of it against gastric juices, liver enzymes, and the intestine. Thanks to natural lipids, the vitamins are protected during their journey through the stomach and intestinal tract. Osmotic (hydrophilic) side effects of some high-dose vitamins and minerals can thus be reduced.
⦁ High bioavailability
Because the vitamins in the sucroliposome are surrounded by fat, the body can absorb these vitamins easily. Fatty acid chains and molecules such as phosphaditylcholine are used as the delivery mechanism in sucroliposomes. As soon as a sucroliposome finishes delivering the ingredients, the sucroliposome itself becomes a nutrient and building material for the brain, liver, and cells. This happens because the composition of the sucroliposome is identical to the composition of cell walls. This allows sucroliposomes to blend into human cells in their entirety

Potential differences between sucroliposomal iron and conventional oral iron

Characteristic Sucroliposoma
Conventional Iron
Phospholipid Bilayer & higher physical stability Present Absent
Effect of Gastric Acidity None Present
Oxidation of Iron No Yes
Absorption of Iron & Bioavailability Enhanced Regular
Absorption via Intestinal M cells Yes No
Food Effect No Yes
Oxidative Damage to Intestinal Epithelium No Yes
Gastrointestinal Side Effects Minimal/Absent Yes
Metallic Taste No Yes
Chelation with Other Metals No Yes

Ferroli® BÉBÉ Oral drops

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Ferroli® FOLIC Capsule

coming soon Capsules Supplement with 30 mg Sucroliposomal® Iron and 400 mcg Folic acid Indications: In all cases inadequate dietary iron intake During the pre-conception period, thanks to the presence of folic acid Regulate nervous system activity In case of

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